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Thank you thank you thank you NLAC for the funding to take these last two workshops. They were fabulous!  Now I’m off to my studio to make brand new product samples for ACTS for 2010. I couldn’t have done it without  you.

Love Roz


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Today was a ‘free’ day.  I spent it playing with my pre-woven samples from last week.  mounting and riveting.  Had some great ideas for new pins, enamelling options and more ideas for more product to follow my current line. If I get my act together I may even have new samples for ACTS next week.

ACTS is the Atlantic Craft Trade Show, and is held in Halifax every year.  I get some serious financial help from the government to cover and reimburse some of the cost of the trip.  It’s a wholesale show and it’s where shop owners come to buy stock for the start of the tourism season and for Christmas. It’s a big deal and I really think I can pull off some new product for this one. (In a range of prices as well).

This may all sound boring to you, I’m not sure. I’m pretty exhausted after 4 days of intensive jewellery design and technique learning.  I’ll post some photos of the things i’ve accomplished today. Keep in mind that these are ALL samples. nothing is finished and most of it is in pretty pore shape, but the ideas are there and that’s the most difficult part.  Thinking up designs that look good and reflect my personal style are challenging.  They also have to be fun to make (ie: with rivets or woven components) or else they just don’t get done and then I’m poor. =0)

I was practicing staples.

I also apologise for the poor photography on some of these… again I’m knackered, but want y’all to see what I’ve been up to.

later gators!


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Okee Dokee,

so – Day 2 and 3 of Workshop 2 were successes. here are some photos of what I’ve accomplished so far (impressing the teacher, which always feels good.)

Shape #1 looks like this:

all the spikey bits on top are to fold over ontop of a heavy gauge wire to attach it to a finding of sorts.  this is what I looked like yesterday whacking copper with a vinyl hammer.

and when it was done, it looked like this:

plus a little bit of embellishment with rivets and textured brass on top.see, these are the little spikey bits I was talking about. they just fold over and hold tight to the wire.

this next ‘thing’ was a success, inside attached to the spring is a little coat hanger shaped piece of wire which to attach things.

so I wove some twill with copper wire and then attached it inside.  my sample is the one on the left, the one on the right was done by another lovely lady in the class.

I’ve learnt alot these past few days, I have at few more things I did today with no photos. One is the midpoint of an idea for more woven jewellery (production jewellery, not one of a kind) Sweet little woven rosettes attached to a silver circle backing.

Today I tried my hand at some staples and embroidery stitches.  no finished products but some good sampling. Sample Sample Sample! I also made one perfect rivet today. they just keep getting better. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing tomorrow but I’m excited.  My lovely talented husband has also been kicking butt.  he’s realised a brand new exciting line of jewellery that he’s been thinking about for a few years now. It’s not perfected, but it will be.

have a good one folks


(OH! and if you see a copy of FUSION, Jason is featured in the winter edition, to be in stores soon, if not already.)

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with Rivets!!!

holy crow, they’re beautiful, functional, decorative and straightforward and ‘easy’ to do.

here are some shots of my very firts rivets ever.

In order to make these, firts you have to drill a hole in your metal the same size as the wire used to fill it. then you cut yourself an itty bitty piece of wire stuff it in the hole and leave a little bit sticking out on either side.

from the top it looks like this:  then you whack it with a chisel hammer to flatten ’em out.

I don’t yet make fantastic rivets, and I’m a pro at leaving tool marks behind –  but I’ve only made ~10 with different degrees of dificulty. After rivets, we moved on to tube rivets (which I like even more!).  Same process : drill hole – cut tube to appropriate size – fit in hole – whack with hammer.  but they look like this:

the silver circles are the tube rivets. I’ve left one free of embellishment, the one on the right has a copper wire rivet in it and the top one connects the brass circle to the copper rectangle. the giant copper circle is a rivet with 10ga copper wire which attaches the large circle in the back to the rectangle.

I had fun today, and am looking forward to more fun tomorrow, ‘though no more rivets tomorrow, Our teacher wouldn’t tell us what we’re doing tomorrow, it’s supposed to be a surprise. blech.

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Arts Smarts with Grade 4’s and Grade 2’s. story quilt and felted butterflies. cut/sew/present puffin to standards review.  ready silver for new tumbling media (attempt #2).  pack car for trip to St. John’s to set up husbands art in gallery setting – because he’s got a (2page?)spread in ‘Fusion’ Canada’s clay and glass magazine!!!!!!.  pack car for metalsmithing workshop#2 in GrandFallsWindsor.  pack car for gym, play, work, snowstorms, family visits and friend visits.  See “Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus”, pull 8 hour days in the dye studio, play Wii for the first time ever and fall in love. pack car for GFW, visit dad inlaw, swim, write in blog.

bon nuit mes petits.


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Homework and Soup

Grade Four is a lovely age. I spent the morning reading the Cremation of Sam McGee to two classes of Grade 4’s, and then designing a quilted story book to go with it. by the time I left, I was burnt out and so were the students….. you can watch them fill up with information and then they start to glaze over. Their teacher calls it “saturation”, a very apt term. ‘the students have reached their saturation point’ I like it.

I’m excited to get started with the drawing on this, most of the design work was done today. they’re pro’s. Now I’m off to make soup, and do my homework for tomorrow.

heart – R

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Expectations are bad things.  especially when they’re unreasonable and of yourself. I truly thought I’d come out of this 5 day workshop with a brand new fully formed product line… HA! learned me  a lesson didn’t I?

yesterday was crap. I pushed myself to hard and burnt out early in the day, nearly broke down into tears when I couldn’t weave and then felt really chagrinned when I finally put it all on a loom and VOILA I’m not a putz, just stubborn.

I finally sorted out looms and warps and wefts and had some fun weaving today.

and 2 days ago I did crochet myself a little bird. it took me 4.5 hours and he’s about 2.5 inches in length.   Once again it’s proven that I’m really good at ‘cute’.  I raged against being cute for so long and finally 5-7 years ago I gave in to it, and life is so much easier, and productive. I still rail against it from time to time and try to be cool or sexy… mostly it turns out cute. Here he is:

this is probably my last post for a while… we’re heading back home in the AM. back to the land of Dial Up Internet.  it’s really time consuming to post anything from my home. besides I’ll be busy teaching elementary kids felting and making a story quilt….etc

have a good one.


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