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Home Again

I love my house. I mean really really love my house. It’s cozy and … well and it’s mine. It’s got all of my things. my bed, my food, my art, my piano, my wood stove. ALl of these things you miss when you’re away for a while.  I’m home for 2 more days and then gone again, but back home for the weekend and then gone again….. phew.  It’s all for great reasons, really great reasons don’t get me wrong. I just really like my home.

Did I mention it also comes with my studio? studio studio studio studio.

The studio where I’m currently creating life sized beluga whales and leatherback turtles and jellyfish and capelin. =0)  All for Educational Purposes through DFO (Dept of Fisheries and Oceans) for the NL Government.  6foot X 4foot Turtles and 9foot long beluga whales… so much fun!


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O.K. So,

I’m at my friend/collegues house learning how to use PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and to work with glass and enamelling because Urve of ‘A Stones Throw Glass’.  Since Friday I have managed to catch my hand on fire… yes really and stuck myself with a piece of glass.  It’s a long story and if you’d like the details you can ask me the next time you see me. I slept with my fingers in snow last night, they’re ok, a little stiff, but no major blister just funny colors and a bumpy texture.

I have made some lovely delightful things here.  Got to play with enamels, that weren’t really enamels, but glass frits (I”m not entirely sure of the diference) but I got color on some silver which was great.   I lends itself to new product.  I tried a few larger chunks of blue frit on a medium sized  birds nest and I’m inspired to do a limited edition. They need a little bit of work, but there’s a definate possibility for the Annual Members Exhibit at the Craft Council this summer.

Most of these were made from Precious Metal Clay. “clay” made from silver dust and an organic binder that burns off in a kiln and are left with pure silver.  The piece on the left that’s green is one of my new bird nest bits with green ‘enamel’ on it. it’s interesting, but I’m not sure I’m quite sold on that yet.  There’s another one in the back with 3 little blue dots on it to represent 3 little birds eggs… Stay tuned for more on these.

Jason has done some of these samples, the little leaf, the blue rectangle with texture the little paper crane.  He’s also got some little paper planes, I’ve done some crumpled paper ‘casting’. but they’re in the tumbler right now getting sparkly. Urve’s a friggin pro and created a lovely low relief codfish and a beautiful 3D wild rose.

We’re doing the organiziation to teach a class in PMC this spring in hopes to do more more more. so if you’re interested let us know. We’re looking to do the first one in Gillam’s at Urve’s.  More on that later as well.

We also did some playing with glass:

me, creating in glass. playing with the color and the play with light was fun. A new skill, I took many breaks, but it was good.  I made penguins, then some little scenes and then just a mash of colors in pattern.clearly, Urve has filled her kiln mostly with her beautiful fish and codfish and a salmon.  but my stuff is in there as is Jason’s hard earned jackfrost pattern plus some copper bits encased in clear glass to see what would happen.

It’s been a great weekend, lots of great things made, ideas, and conversation and in 2 days I get to be home in my own bed!!!!

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New Product for 2010!!!

Here are a few shots of my new product what come from my workshops in January!

three new pairs of earrings. Large is 1inch round, small is half inch round and the middle pair is a size in the middle. =0)

Woven with 24 gauge fine silver wire.  I think I’m going to call them my birds nest earrings. I love them.

same construction, different design.  I have lots of these with different sized circles that I want to make.  When I get the photos I’ll post more.



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sleep? who needs sleep?

So, I find myself in Halifax again for the Atlantic Craft Trade Show.  Atlantic Canada’s largest juried wholesale show. I’m here with the Newfoundland Booth.  In January I took two fantastic workshops and worked out a bunch of kinks in some ideas I had for some new product lines. Since the last workshop (Jan 29)  I have managed to squeeze in the making of two new product lines and two whole days teaching elementary school kids about design.  I have slept 6 hours in the past 48 and am hoping to double that tonight. but I won’t hold my breath.  It’s Midnight thirty now and I need to be up by ~8am to get my 6hours of sleep. That leaves me with 1.5 hours to finish New Product Line #2 and take photographs of the both of them, make a price list and a catalogue page, organise my new digital frame, add new photos of new product to new picture frame, and I think that’s it.

I may just be hitting the coffee tomorrow, I don’t usually, but I may need some by noon tomorrow.

I’ll post photos tomorrow And when I say tomorrow, I mean today just when the sun is up.

Happy Friday!!


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