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was up early to go to the school in Kings cove to teach the grade 1’s and 2’s repeat patterns and natural dye. I should mention that the grade 1/2 classes are combined and total to 7 students. (3 from grade 1 and 4 from grade 2. it was lovely). We went outside in the sunshine! I took the kids outside where the propane burner was and tied rocks in silk and dyed them with onion skins and iron. It blew there minds away when they took the elastics off and were left with white resist circles on their green silk. I had fun, so did they. We struggled with our geometry solids a little ( and I do mean all of us), but we figured it out. =0)

tomorrow we get to sew silk into windsock cones. I’m excited. Off to hang up silk for tomorrow to dry and to get the machine to work.



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oh man, it’s 7pm and the sun is still up. being a self employed artist got much more fun all of a sudden!

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wake up before alarm(which is my cell phone because my alarm clock is continually unplugged or blinking due to power outages).

Eat breakfast while checking emails, I eat breakfast while checking emails a lot.

drive to school awake and ready to teach grade 6 students the wonders of composition. (I’m so proud of the kids, they got it, really really got it, they did fabulous work I almost cried)

spend 3 hours bouncing around classroom growing ideas in thumbnail sketches.

Drive home, eat lunch.mmmmmm lunch ham and eggs (ham that defrosted in the snowbank while trying to stay frozen during 4 day  long power outage).

Put finishing touches on grant application.

Drive to another school, pick up cheque (woohoo!) reschedule arts smarts because of  4 day power outage.

go to bank, pay bills, put cash in account!

Drive home, answer emails and facebook – getting ready for Fresh Fish Four!

eat supper (blueberries and oatmeal with pecans and hemp seeds)

Go for walk with husband.

Work in studio for several hours – making a 9 foot long beluga whale and a 6 foot long leatherback turtle. =0)

Come home take long hot bath, inhale then exhale. rinse repeat.

research  Shopify on-line store options and write post in blog.

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