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yesterday I put together a lattice for a tiny yurt for the grade3/4 split. it’s adorable and when I get pictures I’ll be sure to share. we’re gonna felt the walls on Friday – I can’t wait.

today I finished up a story quilt that I’m gonna make into a picture book. I worked with 3 students for 1 hour. it was so very nice. I wish ALL classes could be 3 students to 1 teacher.


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Once again,

the Crafty Privateers (Jason Holley and Rosalind Ford) are putting off Fresh Fish!.  This makes year No. 4.  We’ve got over 30 young creative folk bringing their wares to sell on  Sunday May 2nd at the masonic Temple Downtown St. John’s.

It’s always a great day. This year we’ve got an international award winning chef, a brother/sister duo with Cheesecakes and Fishing Flies (respectively), Screen Printed goodness, Jewellery, Photography, Knitted goods, upcycled objects, functional pottery and fashion.

We’re stoked! I hope you are too.

See you there! here’s a copy of the poster you may see on the streets of downtown St. John’s.

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I’ve been making life sized sea creatures for Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans the past few years. I dropped off a med. sized order to the office Late March.  The Adult Beluga is 9feet long the Baby Beluga(in the deep blue sea. you swim so wild and you swim so free…..)is 4 feet long.  The turtles are 6footx4foot and made from hand dyed cotton.  Both whales and turtles have throats that you can pull ‘food’ from (jelly fish and capelin!) or garbage bags because to a turtle a floating white garbage bag looks like a floating jellyfish. so they eat it and then dye.

I feel great knowing that my work is used for education purposes. I get to help  by making giant stuffed toys. it’s pretty cool.

So far I’ve made 7 Turtles and 4 sets of whales in 3-4 years. I’ve had help from Jason, lots of help. he usually helps me dye the fabric for the turtles (and paint spots on their bellies, because they’ve got white bellies with black spot patterns. The last one I did I did by candle light because our power was out for 4-5 days.  I’ll post photos of the ice soon. it was amazingly beautiful.) He also is a great help cutting out the pattern pieces.

now the sun came out and I’m going out too! The joys of being self employed.=0)

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So when I said our Puffins will be available soon I meant to say that we’re

dropping them off tomorrow, and 3 stores will have them for sale (and

decoration!). The Craft Council of NL, Living Planet and The Birdhouse will

have their orders by tomorrow. In fact the CCNL already has theirs.

This is very exciting!

We’ve worked hard to make them look as good as we can and to make them

affordable. We’ve also worked hard to make them look like real puffins. I’ve

been blessed with the opportunity to work with the little critters and Jason is

blessed with an eye for details.

We’re stoked to have designed and made a product that everybody is happy with.

It feels great to do great things. It feels doubly great to have an option for

retailers and shoppers and tourists to take home product about NL that’s made

in NL.

Our longterm goal is to create jobs here to make items about NL to sell in NL.

Sounds kinda cool huh?

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Side Note

Yesterday I heard my first Fox Sparrow, and Tree Swallow of the year! There were tons of Crossbills and Harry Woodpeckers and Robins and Juncos and Crows and Grey Jays and Blue Jays! It was awesome!  I cant’ wait for the sparrows and warblers to show up.

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I was sent this sweet message from a friend the other day. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside and I wanted to share with you.

“Hey– if I can find it, will send photo of little nephew with Puffin (he calls it ‘Penguiini’ and takes it shopping, to dinner, outside (but keeps it in his coat, because it is cold out), visiting friends, on the plane, to the bathroom,…etc….). Loves it!”

Jason and I have been working hard to get these puffins ready for the summer season. they have been a big hit and we already have a re-order (early considering it’s only April)! Soon you will be able to get your very own Penguiini at; the Craft Council Shop, The Birdhouse, Living Planet, Blue Moon Pottery , Dark Tickle and O’Brien’s Whale and Boat Tours.

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