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I’m in St. John’s, with the high speed internet. I thought some photo spam would be appropriate.

A few shots from the Clay Project with the Grade 5/6 classes in Kings Cove Elementary.  They wrote myths about made up Newfoundland creatures (ie: moosepuffins and bearturtles)  and then got to make their creature in a low relief clay tile.  Jason was in charge of this project as he is much more knowledgeable  than I with the clay.  All had fun. I can’t wait to see them all painted in grey scale epoxied to a painted background.

And then in February or March… we had that ginormous ice storm. The ice storm that had lines down all over and us without power for 4-5 days. thankfully we’ve got a woodstove in the house and great neighbors with hot running water for showers.

The sun actually showed itself a day or two later and everything sparkled. It was soooo very pretty and everyone crossed fingers that it would melt ice off lines and trees on lines to keep the wait for power to a minimum.

And then I was working by candlelight in the living room painting spots on turtle bellies.


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Smart Art

I’ve been talking about art samrts for quite some time, and I’ve finally shrunk my photos to ‘dial-up-size” and here they are!

Me making plaster molds of grade 3 clay fish to make paper pulp multiples. A stellar project.

A clay fish to be fired  from the Kindergarten class in Bonavista.

and I think that’s all I got in me right now. it takes about 15 minutes to upload a photo from my dial up connection at home. I’ll be in town with a high speed connection soon adn will post more photos then

Today Jason adn I were working with the grade 8 classes in Bonavista making clay tiles. It went pretty well considering they hadn’t finished the book we were using.  The Boy in the striped pajamas is the name of it and it’s a great read.  It was made into a movie last year, but I suggest the book.

We’re also gearing up to rip the roof off our studio and replace it.  This time we’re going to pay someone else to do it so we can spend our time making stuff.  it’s pretty exciting.  Other exciting news is that the NLAC gave out it’s grants last week and Jason was the big winner with the second largest grant offered this season. I was also given a small sum, which is awesome, because now we can actually do hte things we want to do this summer.

Make Art.  I have double booked myself for art gallery shows in September, and I have a lot of work ahead of me.  fun work, work that will keep me busy all summer!  When it’s ready I’ll take photos of that too!

thanks for tuning in.


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saw one of these today too… summer must be on it’s way.

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White Throated Sparrows and Purple Finches and Robins and Northern Harriers and kinglets and chickadees and fox sparrows and grey jays and blue jays and crows and black and white warblers!

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This year we were given sponsorship from a few local businesses to help Fresh Fish with it’s advertising.

The Crafty Privateers would like to give a Great Big Thank you to:

Living Planet

who are having their second Printers Market on Saturday May 8th. More info can be found on their website  @ Living Planet


Had brought along advertisement for a new recycled paint out of Nova Scotia. it’s called Boomerang Paint and it’s only $14 or $15 a gallon I believe. So it’s cheaper than regular paint and it’s way better for the environment.  For more info contact Templetons.

The Craft Council of NL

A.K.A The Tower of Craft.  Inside this building you will find resources for gallery show opportunities, a juried store to sell your juried craft through, funding opportunities (new product, gallery shows, marketing,  and more). There is a Clay Studio in the basement floor with many classes available to the public and open studio times if you just want to go and play independantly.   If you’re interested in a career making and selling craft, The Craft Council is a place that you need to check out, do your research on and use it to help you. that’s what they’re there for.

Anna Templeton Centre

Is a beautiful building for Craft, Art and Design.  They host the CNA program:  Textiles: Craft & Apparel Design on top of hosting classes for adults and children and Art/Craft Camps for Children during Summer and Easter.

Thank you thank you thank you for your support with The Crafty Privateers Fresh Fish! Four Craft Market.


The Crafty Privateers.

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Here are a few more photos from Sunday’s Craft Market.

and the blog URLs for a few of the participants.


giving life back to old unwanted furniture.


Maaike makes awesome pots.  Keep an eye on this one. She’s goin’ places. Soon she’ll have more of her sold out Robot mugs in stores around town and then you too can have your very own ‘Robot walks Dinosaur’ mug.

This man makes the most Delicious Rowdy Rum Raisin Chutney. And I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get your very own at the Farmers market at the Lion’s Club on Bonaventure Ave. in June.  He may even be bringing candied apples with him seen as they were such a big hit at the Fresh Fish Craft Market.

And keep your eye out for this gal. Anna Coen of Forest Floor Designs is chock full of talent and drive and charm.  If you missed her work at the fair (becuase she sold out of almost everything!!!) you can get more of her work at the Textiles Studies Program Graduation show May 29 – June 14 (Running With Scissors – which is possibly the best title ever for a textiles program show)

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yesterday was fantastic!

so many happy people, so much great craft and art and food!

so glad we did it again this year.

some people sold out, some people got wholesale orders some people got custom orders everbody learned something and got to share such a delightful experience.

see you next year, same bat time, same bat place.

a few pictures of yesterdays festivities.

Maaike Charron of Blue Dragon Clay

Charlotte Morgan

Melanie Hiscock

Anna Coen of Forest Floor Designs

Smack Dab (Andrew Harvey and Jessica Butler)

Gina Rae Hoyles

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