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Really? have I really set up my first solo show in the Craft Council??? that was a lovely relaxed slow day. theres’ something to be said about being prepared and taking your time.   Back in tomorrow to tie up loose ends…. oh right. I’m supposed to gathering said ends right now.



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It’s been busy once again…..

I’m currently setting up my 3rd show for the summer. this time it’s in the Craft Council of NL (CCNL) Annex Gallery, a smaller room, which is great for a first shot at a solo show at the Craft Council.  It’s plenty of room for what I’ve made. lots of mobiles of birds. puffins and kittiwakes and murres.  I finish setting it up tomorrow.  There really only so much work left to do, which is good, because there’s only so much time left. =)

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Long Time, no See.


sorry it’s been so long. I’ve given up on trying to send posts from my home because it takes so long (~1 hour per post) because of the dial up internet.

and if any of you are still paying attention to this I just finished the St. John’s Folk Festival. This year was a blow out! The organization doubled the number of tickets they could sell…. and did they ever.  Friday night was full up and the other nights were very close.   I have never seen so many people in the park. It felt great to be taking part in so much grandness….. especially seen as I wasn’t supposed to be there.  There’s a story about a Polar Bear and a missed ferry in here, but I’ll tell you about that later.

So this year at the folk festival we sold mostly Jason’s Jewellery and my puffins. And boy did we ever.  Usually Friday evening is super slow and you can spend the evening making stuff and setting up. not this year. as soon as the doors opened there were people buying stuff, it was amazing.

David Francey and Amelia Curren and Old Man Ludeke and Hey Rosetta and Vishten and Rose Cousins played plus many other great acts that I can’t remember right now.  THere were sessions in the tents in the back of the field so if you weren’t thrilled with what was on stage or just plain ol’ needed to go for a walk, you had lots of other choices!

Then as people of the craft tent, we had the privellege of being allowed in the after party on Sunday. This is an evening not to miss, ever. It’s after a long hard weekend and everyone is dog tired, but when you walk into the party there’s a table full of musicians playing song after tune after tune…they just sort of roll one after the other and you can watch them make it down the row of musicians as they figure out what the melody actually is.

So we’re walking home after the after party and walk through the park to see it being disassembled and walk past John, the organizer of the even, scrubbing the floor of one of the trailers rented for the event.  After a week of working a gazillion hours he stays behind with the clean up crew and is scrubbing floors at 4 am.  Holy Moly what a guy. If you see him on the street, congratulate him on such a fabulous event.

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