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A few photos from my show at the Gordon Pinsent Centre for the arts. DID YOU KNOW: that the ACC in Grand Falls was one of the buildings in the Expo in Montreal in the 60’s? And that it was the Czech building and that it was designed to be taken apart and reassembled for ease of selling and moving! And that the giant piece of textile art hanging over the stairs came with the building and is Czech as well. And that it took 4 years for NL government to rebuild the building because they kept running out of money, and that the architect finally found it again 10 years ago and came to visit.

How cool is that!

And I’ve got my very own work hanging in this lovely building for all to see (or at least all who go through GrandFalls in the next month). Naturally dyed whole cloth with embroidery on top. ~ 15 peices of calm grounding work. That seems to be the result of my art. Calm and Grounding. I like that. I could use more calm and grounding in my life. maybe I should make more art. =0)

I’ll post photos of my show in St. John’s soon before I run out of High speed interwebs and some photos of my workshop in English Harbor too! Stay tuned.

Again many thanks to all who helped. Robert Lodge who runs the centre in GFW for his enthusiasm and for putting us up in a hotel and paying our way in and out. Jason for the photos and sanity and my parents for driving out to GFW to see the show opening very touching indeed.

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