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put up a link for comic relief.

some of it’s over my head some of it is just hilarious.

remember that each comic has an alt-text which are often the funniest part.


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just a few pictures so you can understand why it took so long for our roads to get fixed (not that they are all fixed yet).

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Well, a while ago I was face with the question ‘ what do you want to do with your life’….. not an easy one for sure.  Especially if you spend most of your days avoiding such large esoteric questions.   Turns out I like to teach – all age groups – anything related to textiles.  I was asked and then taught my very first workshop this summer (sandwiched between my two solo shows for the year).  The English Harbor Arts Centre hosted the gig and we had a blast.  We all went home after the last day exhausted, full of information and ready to do some more dye-work.silk, cotton and wool fibres soaking in mordant overnight.

Since then I’ve been invited to go to the Labrador Creative Arts Festival as a ‘visiting artist’ to teach workshops to the students in Labrador for a full week.  I’m excited.  I may even get to go up the coast to Nain or Hopedale or any of the other coastal communities for a day.  Only problem with all of this is that I have to now find a person to man my booth at the last weekend of the CCNL Craft Fair.  My lovely product  (insert shameless self promotion) as well as my lovely husband will be there, just not me.  Really it’s not that big a problem and the whole thing is a great, wonderful opportunity.  I am grateful.

At the LCAF I’ll be making many many felted butterflies with students of all ages  (GK – G6) and I believe there may be the chance to hang them in the atrium when it’s all done.  I’ll definitely be taking pictures to show.

Then last week – during a walk through what used to be Route 237 – I was called by a lady in Grand Falls who is a member of the central Newfoundland visual artists group, and they want me to come teach a workshop on natural dye sometime next year. I met these lovely folk when I went to set up my show “Landscapes”  (see earlier posts for photos!)  at the ACC in Grand Falls – Windsor and did my artist talk.  They seemed keen on the idea and I would love love love to travel across our province again to teach more people.  I’m hoping I can turn it into a bit of a tour and teach a few classes along the way – perhaps, Gander and Corner Brook, maybe even Springdale.  There are lots of towns with artsy folk groups that could take advantage.  If you know any – send them my way.

Having a goal that I want to teach more, made making the decision to do these things way easier than it could have been.  It also makes me feel really warm and fuzzy inside that people want me to come and teach them.  Sharing and meeting new people is a great way to spend a day.

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really, he took out our roads on all four sides of my community so I was stuck for 10 days with some very stressed out people, including myself. Even though no-one got hurt and there was very little property damage (as a whole) in my town most of us were on edge for quite some time.  Speculations run rampant as do rumors. It’s hard to believe anything you hear from people about construction or help or other towns situations. We found that it was best to take the hour or 3 hour long walk to go see for yourself.  It was the best therapy (outside of a bottle of red a great game of settlers + dinner with friends) for the squirrely-ness.
It’s finally nice to have some quiet without the stress, to have conversations that have evolved passed culverts and helicopter food.

but now my breakfast is ready, and that too is important.

more later



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5 weeks ago i set up my very first solo exhibit. At the Craft Council’s Annex gallery I hung mobiles of seabirds.  I haven’t been back since and am hoping to get to go today to sit in the space again. I feel calm in there. The show comes down tomorrow, making today the last day.

thanks to IGOR I have missed my chance at an artist talk plus other things. but IGOR can take up our time later.

I’ve some photos of the show.

all of these little guys are screen printed, life-sized to scale.  I have to admit that the longer I sit in the room – although calming- I can’t help but feel like there’s something macabre about it all.  It’s like someone hit the pause button on life and the wind is just moving everything around so slightly.

It was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again.   Deadlines for gallery shows at the CCNL is sometime in Octobor.  If you’re got an idea you’d like to explore I suggest you do it!

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