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So it turns out the old addage is right. the more often you do somethign the better you get… well thi syear I’m ore prepared for hte craft fair season then ever before.  Four weeks of selling and Christmas Music here I come.  Over the weekend my parents and I worked and gave our entire booth a coat of badly needed paint.  It all looks so shiny and new!


I’ve been thinking about my toys this past while.  I really don’t charge enough for the amount of work that goes into them. but you know what. it doesn’t really matter.  They’re important to me to have in the world.  and if I don’t make them, who will?  soft toys for playing that don’t have batteries or screens.  not that batteries and screens are horrible things.  I just think that it’s nice to have an alternative, I know I get zombied if I spend too much time in front of a screen, I imagine it’s the same for most of us no matter how old you are.

I’ve also bee working on my toys and for the first time in a long time I have new one. three new toys and an improvement on one.  Something I’m very proud of.


I look forward to seeing you all at the fairs this year.

St. John’s – Nov 11-14 & 18 – 21 – Arts and Culture Centre

Corner Brook – Nov 26 – 28 – Marble Mountain Lodge

St. John’s – First weekend in Dec –  Tea and Sale at the Anna Templeton Center


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Craft Fairs are almost here, 4 weeks of craft fairs and if I blink I’ll miss all of it.  i’ve been buried in my studio for the past few weeks – excluding of course a short trip on a supply vessel offshore which involved being lifted by a crane in a billypoo  75 meters into the air onto an oil platform  and a helicopter ride (more on that later).
Being back  in the studio has been great and difficult and somtimes boring.  I do love my job, but I don’t always skip across the street to my studio, sometimes you just wanna sit and watch movies and eat ice cream -Which I plan to do in December when the crazy has died down a little.

I have new TOYS this year! finally. I’ve been several years without new product for my toys, I’ve been thinking about it and had most of the ideas planned out, but never gave myself enough time.  This year I have enough time! Progress! It feels great!  I also have enough materials – which is also a sign of progress.  I’m half way through the toys, the jewellery and puffins are all finished, minus a few last minute scrambles as always

making new product has made the sometimes boring job of tracing and cutting out hundreds of little finger puppet hands and ears interesting again.  It’s motivation to make more new stuff. I always thought that making new product could only happen after all existing product was ready. this has turned out to be false. Making new product makes making the old product interesting. who knew!?

I’m thinking of new finger puppet ideas and  taking suggestions. so far fish and llama are  in the lead, anybody with any other finger puppet needs??? perhaps I’ll start a contest – come up with an idea for the new finger puppet and I’ll give you one plus the credit for the puppet.  yes an idea to work on…….

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