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just got back from Kents with structural steel, carridge bolts, nuts and threaded barstock! gonna make me a tiny loom to weave wire on. I’m so very excited. I think the last time I was this excited I was buying my house.

drive home tomorrow, shovel out house and studio, make loom! weave wire!


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going home

at last….. the day comes when I get to pile into my van with my husband and drive home. I am admittedly filled with a raft of emotions over this. I think most people would just take it as it comes and drive home and deal with the stuff that’s waiting for them. Somehow I feel both super stoked and completely fearful of the idea.

Here’s what’s waiting for me:

a 6 foot snowbank of snow from the plow fencing off my driveway,

a bone cold house,

a delightful wood stove,

my own kitchen with my own pots and pans and broken stove and old fridge and bright green walls;

My very own bed – queen sized with a duvet and quilts and my own special pillow,

my studio in all it’s un-organised glory(which also needs to dug out and warmed up);

15 days of mail!;

our ceramics collection;

unfinished renovations on the house and studios;

work at the elementary school;

the choice to wear clothing or not to wear clothing;

dial up internet….;

unpaid bills;

did I mention the cold?;

my plants and art,

my entire wardrobe filled with textiles that I miss.

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science time

I’ve just spent the day in the science and conservation world in NL.

I’ve been asked by Nature Canada to do some leg work on a (mostly) new to Newfoundland project.  It’s part of the Important Bird Area project. An international project that is aimed at creating awareness and conservation of Important Bird Areas around the globe. The island of Nl has 25 of these sites many of which are globally significant. kinda cool huh?

The program has several partners, Bird Studies Canada, Nature Canada, Birdlife International and the Natural History Society of Newfoundland

Some of these sites are already acknowledged as being important for bird populations. Places like Funk Island  and Witless Bay Eco Reserve as well as our two national parks.

A good chunk of the sites are for breeding sea birds like these:

But some are for birds like these:

They make my heart skip beats.

It feels really great to be using the science side of my brain for a while. the transition period can be lengthy and dificult from craft to science(and vice versa), but once complete, I’m a happy woman.

you know… it’s easy to be ‘small’ in nature because you’re still important. that’s why these guys are worth fighting for. b/c they’re more than just one thing, they’re a small, integral detail in a really big complicated system.


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jimmeny cricket!

I love staying up untill the wee hours of the night working on excel spreadsheets. I do really. (if this were not email you would hear the sarcasm dripping off my every word).  HowEver, this excersize was one, had I completed it earlier, would have pointed out to me that I was actually losing money on some of my jewellery pieces.  Ack!  that’s what I get for pricing with my gut and not math.   I was very interesting to do and I am very very glad I did it.  It was hard, and scary and emotional and once complete, now I feel way better about selling my work.

If indeed it does sell.

This is always the fear of raising prices. what if people think it’s too expensive and they don’t buy it. Well what if it’s too cheap and they buy it and you lose money on the deal? what if you raise your prices and you value your work more and therefore more people buy more of your more expensive pieces of jewellery?  What if, what if, what if. A girl could drive herself crazy.

So i have raised my prices not substantially, but enough to make it worth my while to cut, drill, sand, polish and weave. Initially I was doing the math because of the increase in silver prices (only to continue rising I suspect).  I continued the process because the first few prices I checked I was out money at wholesale prices and I was in Halifax for a wholesale show. Resisting the urge to throw in the towel and never ever sell jewellery again, I powered through and it turns out some of my product was priced well using my gut instead of math. so I have not had to increase all of my prices which was reassuring.

it’s been a lesson in subjective not objective.  now on for more lessons on business.  what’s next? marketing? product development? website? customer list?



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