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Fresh Fish!5

got our first application in hand today!

where’s yours?

poster picture to come soon – I’m working on a few ideas. I liked last years poster with the picture of the fabric fish (made by me).


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The uber talented Jason Holley – also my husband –  opened at the Rooms on Friday night as part of a group show between himself, John Goodyear and Cal Lane.  The room is FULL of highly textured, textile-ish metal, wood and clay.  It’s amazing. From Cal’s intensely torched out oil drum to resemble a map of the world, John’s woodwork that will have you wondering what the heck his material is – I’ve never seen anyone treat wood the way he does and then there’s Jason’s claymaille. Looks like metal, sounds like metal, but made of clay.

Jason’s put up a 45 tile peice that cover’s half of one wall. I watched him take a hammer to it just before the show opened. He put a giant tear in the ‘quilt’ over it’s heart. It’s beautiful. Quite honestly I think it’s the most amazing thing in the room. It commands attention.

The show is up until May – go see it. Also, there’s a set of 80 Goya prints – holy moly intense batman. and Robert Sinclair’s break of calm in between the two.

All shows are amazing. go see them. you’ll be pleased you did.


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just fixed last years application for 2011 and Fresh Fish!5.  Five years for this fair. It’s friggin amazing.  Last year was so great I can’t wait to see what this yaer will bring.  If you’re interested in having a booth send me (rosalindford@nf.sympatico.ca) or jason (twistedmetal@nf.sympaitco.ca) an email with what you want to bring along.

We were hoping to have the top floor of the temple this year too, but the renovations didn’t get done. So we’ll have the same space with the same number of booths as last year ~20 or so. We’ll be on the first floor of the old Masonic Temple on Cathedral St. around the corner from the Anna Templeton Centre.  Same as last year – you’ll find us with the green white and pink ribbons, balloons, fish and sandwich board.

We’ve teamed up with Alexis Templeton and the Craft Council’s Second Sale again this year to make a weekend out of it.

Fresh Fish! is one of the best places to get local, hand made, limited edition sundries – and the food is good too!  Just before Mothers day, it’s a great place to get her a little something. I got my mother something there last year – a delightful crocheted apple. My mother collects apples, a left over from her teaching career.

I’ll post more when I know more.

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are noisy and perhaps better left for someone else to use. =0)

after extensive phone instructions on safety gear and technique and tools required for me to cut metal to make a loom. neither of us thought we’d have to discuss ‘how to properly hold the angle grinder’.  I tried one cut it felt so wrong and so dangerous I stopped. project on hold for another day. no biggie.

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is home with herself today. usually I’m home by myself when there’s nobody else around.  It’s a different kind of alone. it’s sturdier and calmer.  I’m still lurking around the edges but it’s already different.

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