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This past week I started to take an idea out of my head and put it into practice.  This past year I did a workshop with a group of junior high students using newsprint stencils and screen printing screens and inks.  We had a blast and I’ve been inspired to do more of this. It’s so simple and every print is different and then the stencil wears away and you can never get it back.

I started stencilling with acryllics onto burlap and then tried to machine embroider lines.  I like drawing with thread, it’s like magic.  However turns out the machine I have that I know can do machine embroidery, won’t. it needs to be serviced. SO…. untill that day rolls around in a week or two. I’ll just tease you with a photo or two of some new product…



The first image is what I want the brooches to look like – maybe, it’s still being designed. but the second photo is what the back of the brooches look like. which is what needs to be fixed.  Fingers Crossed all I need to do is get the lovely Bernina serviced by the nice man that fixed my grandmothers hand crank a few years ago.


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