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A few months ago the Craft Council asked me to make 20 pair of exclusive to them earrings for a fund raiser, on the theme Misty Moon. I gladly did. And last night at the supper I’ve been told they are all spoken for. If you are a lucky owner of a pair of my earrings that’s awesome! It’s flattering to be asked to make these types of things and flattering again when they all sell.  If you didn’t get to see them, this is what they looked like.


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it gets away from me

time and reality that is.

trying to take half planned trips and finishing half planned projects.

Craft Fair is coming up and I want a new display. I want tall spindly legs on a nice, cleanly designed jewelery counter with enough space for a drawer to put overstock and etcs…  I want it to be charcoal grey and hand made. I want three of these at least. maybe 5 to hold all of my jewellery. I want signage for the back of my booth. I want photographs for the back of my booth (which I have, but must make smaller to show here).

they are amazing pictures of my jewellery taken by Krissy Breen and modelled by Erin C. St. John.

we had a fun afternoon by a waterfall near my home.

I’ll see what I can do about putting up a photo or two.


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