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sample sample sample


Here’s one shot of some work I’ve been doing for the comfort and joy show at the Craft Council starting in November.

(naturally dyed silks stip sewn with ALL the raw edges showing – glorious!)



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After a long break from my studio I’ve cleaned it up ( all be it originally for a studio tour.) and have a deadline. The CCNL Christmas group show – Comfort and Joy – is coming up. Deadline for submissions is Nov 1.

I gave a tour of my studio last week. The participants were enthralled with my quilted wall pieces. I have been feeling off and on about them, but after last weeks tour I am feeling gusto again. I had already made. A bunch of samples to get started. All these things combined, and I am going to go ahead and stitch up some wall art for the ccnl c&j show in a week or so.

( reading the above I feel the need to tell you that I,ve been percolating ideas for quite some time but been too nervous to put them into action.)

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sanding and infinity

end of day 2, still sanding.

will sand on Wednesday and Thursday too.


must clean textile studio for studio tour tomorrow afternoon. ~20 adults coming by during a class on culture and place.  They wanted to see what I do and find out why I do it.  Should be fun.


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well I had forgotten already. A friend asked me what I had been doing lately, (I’ve been gone for over a week) and I honestly couldn’t tell her. I had forgotten this past amazing week or two. First there was the trip to the Nature Canada IBA sites in the Codroy Valley. I LOVE the Codroy Valley. it’s so pretty. and there I talked with an amazing women who heads the piping plover program in the province. We are going to join forces and see what two of us can do.

Then there was the natural dye class I taught in Grand Falls Windsor. Thanks to JoAnne for organising and paperworking so I could come visit central NL.  I was supposed to have 10 people to teach but in the end only 4 were able to show, so we had lots of time and LOTS of materials to play with.

This is what happened. we dyed fabric in vats and contact dying, some of us tried shibori and got some great results. over dying logwood greys with indigo.  Free form embroidery was attempted and we had fun!

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that’s what I thought when I heard the news that I was awarded not one but THREE Arts Smarts programs this year.  The best part is that I applied for these three, two of which I did all the leg work for. Found the schools and teachers interested, found curriculum that I liked and made projects based on this curriculum.  Wrote up the budgets and pitched it to the Principles of the schools and they said Yes!  Then it was on to forwarding the applications to the NLAC (Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council) for them to decide if the projects and placement of funding were worth it. and they said YES! Full amounts granted for all 3 Schools!  I must thank the VP of Matthew Elementary as she does her application every year and includes myself and my husband to teach one project per grade in her k-8 school. We have fun.

But before I can dive into that pile of fun, I must get ready to teach a class in Grand Falls Windsor to a smallish group of people involved with their CNVAS group. We’re gonna play with natural dyes, both exotic and local, and then embellish with embroidery.  It’s gonna be a fun couple of days (Oct 7-8).

Off to pack for a workshop.

I’ll try to remember to take pictures.


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