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Another one down. Successful in corner brook again tthis year.  Our co-ordinator did a great job with short notice.  We sold past our sales goals at this fair which means we each got 10% of the bonus for savings.  Mine is going in my piggy bank for a trip to Italy. That,s my new goal.  Outside of businessy goals my new personal goal is to take a trip to Italy .  Camping and wine drinking and good food.  Now I need to find my old piggy bank. It looks like this. Except it has a pink scarf and hat and a key to get into it.


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West Coast Craft Fair!

The Craft Council of NL hosts two Craft Fairs in the Christmas season.  I just successfully worked the five day fair held in St. John’s at the Arts and Culture Centre.  The Second fair is held in Corner Brook. It is officially called the West Coast Craft Fair.  I’ve been selling at this fair for a few years now and am looking forward to this year. If you, or someone you know is going to be in that neck of the woods this weekend (friday – sunday) drop by!

Pepsi Centre in Corner Brook.

Friday, Nov 25th 12 noon to 7 p.m.
Saturday, Nov 26th 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday, Nov 27th 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Can’t wait to see you there! Come check out my new jewellery for 2011 (copper and gold inclusions with my standard silver!).

on that note, I’m off to do some last minute Making.


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I know I’ve told you all how great the fair was, and it was.  Even more so, one of the lovely and hard working owners of Twisted Sisters on Water St. in St. John’s met with me on Thursday morning on her day off.   We met at a local coffee shop and talked shop about what kind of jewellery of mine would fit her store. We had a great chat, she chose some jewellery and then we walked straight to her shop to deliver it.

As of Thursday Nov, 17th my Silver and Silk Jewellery can be found at the Twisted Sisters Boutique, 175 water street
St. John’s, Newfoundland Canada.  (Also at the Craft Council shop, their new online shop and some of the Historic Sites Stores downtown).

yay me!

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I learned how to solder tonight!  I have a few samples I will take pictures of and post (my card reader needs to be replaced before I can do this). I am super excited about the possibilities for this.  I was told that it wasn’t dificult, and it wasn’t. but I had never seen it done before and was quite nervous about the fire and the finicky teeny solder bits.  But then I tried it, and it was easy.  Clearly there’s room for quality control and being able to make clean solder joins. BUT now I’m gonna practice with pin backs and I’ll have brooches in no time.  – well at least by next year’s craft fair. =-)

I’m off to finish filling orders from this years Craft Council Craft Fair.


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There was a reporter from the telegram at the fair on the 10th (Thursday I think). She came by my booth and took some pictures of my work. and then put me in the write up for the fair. The photo of my work was in the print edition of the paper, but was left out of the digital edition. The words however are still there.    The next day I had a customer come to my booth and specifically asked for the pendant that was in the paper. They happily took it and a pair of earrings to match home. That felt really good.  (there are often little bits of each day at the fair that stand out. this is one interaction that I will keep with me). It feels so very good when people like what you make and pay you for your work and take it home to love it.

the link to the digital article is below.

creative commerce

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to everybody who dropped by our booth this past weekend and past on compliments and thoughtfully purchased jewellery for themselves or gifts for loved ones.

Another year of CCNL Craft Fair complete!

It was a raving success again this year. There truly is nothing like the rush of a craft fair, meeting new people and seeing old familiar faces both colleagues and customers.  It’s the one time of year where we ALL get together! it’s so great to see everybody again.  I love how much thought goes into the purchase of a gift, what size, color, shape, earrings or pendant, matching set or not, large or small. What do they like, what do they wear, how do they live. All these things are taken into consideration when buying gifts. it’s fabulous to watch.

My new mixed metal jewellery was well recieved and I will be making more in the future. I only had a smattering of mixed metal work for the fair because you  never know how these things will be recieved. It’s easy to make something in your studio and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. it’s quite another to put it out for the general population to see and judge and either purchase or not.  My gold woven over silver went over very well and the silver woven over copper was recieved ok. If I had had more selection of the copper I suspect it would have been better recieved. I’ll have to sort out how I”m going to finish the copper so I can turn them into pendants and brooches.  –

BROOCHES! I will be learning how to solder so I can have brooches in the near future. I had wanted to have these for this years fair, but the thought scared me too much so I procrastinated, and now we’ll all have to just wait a little longer. but they are coming I promise.

till next time.


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almost ready.

so, I just went and picked up fixen’s for the craft fair booth and display.

tall tables  + lots of neat display objects, and a  few plinths from home.  I have enough product.

now it’s time to think about black coverings for the tables. I have to recover some risers for the jewellery (remove natural dyed beige velvet and replace with black velvet. or black fabric. me thinks I will make a quick trip out to fabricville. sometime today to do this. I’m thinking black silk dupioni will look good. if not a black plush velour or velvet (y) will go well.

off to prep.


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