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Tibb’s Eve

Tibb’s Eve, the day before the day before Christmas.  OR The day before Christmas Eve.


Taken from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English:

tib’s eve n also tips* ~ and, by folk etym, tipsy eve OED tib sb 5 ~ dial (1785-1902), EDD tib(b)’s eve, JOYCE 342 for sense 1; cp EDD Co quot for sense 2. For details of St Tibba, see Archer Taylor, ‘On Tib’s Eve, neither before nor after Christmas’ in Studia Germanica tilägnade Ernst Albin Kock (1934), pp. 385-6.
1 A day that will never come; never.
1896 J A Folklore ix, 25 Till Tibs Eve—never. 1924 ENGLAND 79 ‘Can’t dem foolies to de wheel kipp us
cl’ar when us goes ‘starn? If it’s ‘pend on dey to putt us in de fat, us’ll get dere on Tib’s eve [never], I’m t’inkin’!’ 1931 BYRNES 121 Aye indeed, sure you’ll get it on Tibb’s Eve. C 67-21 ‘it will be Tibb’s Eve before you get that done.’ If the person asked, ‘when is Tibb’s Eve?’ you would reply, ‘Tibb’s Eve is neither before Christmas nor after.’ M 68-24 I don’t care if he’s there till Tibb’s Eve, he won’t get out of that room till he knows every word of his lesson.
2 A day or two before Christmas.
P 245-55 ~ Dec 24, a period when ‘anything goes.’ P 174-68 ~ It means, or meant once, a specified date, the day before Christmas Eve. M 71-115 Tipsy Eve, December 23rd. What a day! School is out. Christmas has begun… Though I’m only guessing, I’ve always assumed that the name Tipsy Eve originated from this custom of the men going from house to house on the afternoon of December 23rd to test or taste each other’s brew. M 71-122 Christmas really starts in my home on Tipps Eve which is the day before Christmas Eve. I have heard that it is called Tipps Eve because when men used to put up their own homebrew etc. they wouldn’t drink it before Christmas. 1974 GREEN 83 Nevertheless, the first of the twelve days at Christmas, December 23, was known locally by the picturesque name of ‘Tipsey Eve’ and there would always be a dance to go with the ‘near beer’ in somebody’s kitchen.



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Husband and I just got back from a trip to Halifax for some smallish medical stuff. This was an unexpected trip and even though all the bits were paid for by MCP I was feeling loathe to go as I have spent little time at home this past month or two.  By the time we arrived in Halifax and had settled away, the feeling of loathe had mostly disappeared. I love Halifax. it’s a great city with lots of great galleries and food and I have several excellent people that I’m lucky enough to call friends still living there.   While in halifax I took a few pictures of excellent stuff I saw.  Some pottery at Studio 21 by Friederike Rahn caught my eye, I took some photos of my own(below), but the ones on the website are better.  She had cups for sunny days and rainy days. They were all Lovely. We were in Studio 21 as Jason was dropping off a few newer sculptures for them to sell.  Studio 21 is by the NSCAD Port Campus in Halifax if you find yourself in the city, this is a little gem of a gallery to check out.

We also went to the Mary E Black gallery to see the Kye-Yeon Son show. !!!!!!!!!!!!! very impressive, lovely, engaging work.  photos for the show are in the link, no cameras allowed in that particular show.

AND the NSCCD has a craft shop! a new venture on their behalf and it’s quite nice in there. this is where we found these amazing tin can fish!  There were 4 or 5 of them, all different ranging 700$ to $1250 ish.  they were great.

home again ( well, at least in Newfoundland if not the cove).  I def. enjoyed my trip to Halifax, the medical stuff was mostly non-eventful and def. helpful. So I’m glad we went and I’m glad we were able to do the things we did and see the people we saw.

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That’s what happened at the Tea and Sale this past weekend.  I am so happy and flattered and proud.  I have been futzing with a new product since August.  I was rolling feathers through my mill and patina-ing the copper so the feathers showed.  After much Sample-Sample-Sample -ing (thanks to this program! CNA Textiles Craft and Apparel Design)  I found a shape, size, hole shape, hole size, patination and finding construction that looked good.  I brought these :and promptly sold out of all 15 pairs that I brought by the afternoon of the second day (more than 1pr per hour).  I didn’t get a chance to take a better picture, and now they’re all gone.  I will be making more of these little guys. plus more elaborately cut out feathers as well. Dragon fly wings work too! but they will have to be worth more as they are harder to get.

that’s it for now.

on to scheduling teaching for Jan.


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well folks.

the Anna Templeton Tea and Sale is here. Dec 9 and 10 (Fri and Sat.)  You can find all the information you need about the craft fair HERE.

I’ll be there with Jason on the third Floor.  This thing keeps growing. it used to only take up the main floor with tea and cookies and lunch on the 2nd. this year we’re taking over 3 floors of the centre with craft and sharing the 2nd floor with tea and cookies and lunch again.

I’ll have my jewellery and Jason will have his jewellery. Last chance to buy something directly from me or Jason this year. I just had a quick look over the list of names and it looks like it’ll be a fine crowd again this year.

see you soon!


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