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It’s the time of year where myself and Jason pack up our product and selves and drive to Halifax for the Atlantic Craft Trade Show.

This is a wholesale fair where people who own stores and galleries gather to purchase product for the summer season from us artists and craftspeople.
At this fair everything is sold at wholesale prices ie: 50% of the retail price. that’s right – 50% of the retail price.

(that’s why retail fairs at Christmas time are so great because we get 100% of the retail price, not half.)

http://www.actshow.ca if you’d like to know more about the show as either a maker or a buyer.

One of the bonuses of this show is that it is in Halifax, NS. I love Halifax, it’s a great little city. It’s also a trip out of NL in the middle of winter, even if it’s only to Nova Scotia, It’s still a great pick me up. And besides, I’ll make some money to pay my bills too!


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More Success!

There was some Needle felting to go along with the houses and buildings we made on Wed.  The students made all sorts of things you’d see in a city, to line the city streets with.

There were people, and fire hydrants!

There were many street lights.

One of the boys made a full on transport which he felted to it’s own bit of road!

There were many dogs and cats. including this tabby cat (which took  a long thought out 1.5 hours to make. )

And when you put then all together you get a full scene!  This is one of the best ones we’ve done yet.

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It’s my fourth year working with this group of students. I started when they were in Grade 3. and now they’re actual people in Grade 6. pretty wild.  Like I said these are the ones with Large Personalities.Check out what they made.

The project was to take a number array (a pictoral way of showing multiplication: The building directly below is made of a number array for the number 6.) The arrays start as rows of squares and then the buildings etc.. are built around them.

Some of the students took the challenge of putting things in the windows of their buildings…….

Some of them reversed the colors –

and one of them managed to cut out a window with no glue on the back.

We were running shy on things to do near the end of yesterday so instead of reading a book, we all wrote an “art response” = artist statement.  The first group of students did an excellent job. I was gleefully surprised at the maturity and thought of their responses to my simple questions. (IE: What do you like the most about your piece. Why? What do you like the least about your piece? why?)

I have completed 1 project of 15 for this years Arts Smarts work!

I kind of wish I could spend an entire year working with just one group of students. We’d have a blast, and the work they would make would be excellent!  They like me, and I like them. It’s a good relationship.

Next Arts Smarts is Mid-February.


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Today was my first day back teaching Arts Smarts for the year. I had a blast. I knew I liked teaching, like – I mean, I remembered liking teaching, but somehow thought yesterday and this AM that I wouldn’t. That somehow today was going to be a giant disaster.

It wasn’t

As a matter of fact it was a smashing success. This particular class has a lot of Large Personalities. All great kids, most with Large Personalities. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time (well except maybe Chinese New Year Feast (pork dumplings, cod dumplings in a spinach pasta, cashew chicken, veggies, salad, and blueberries and icecream) with a gang of lovely folk and games). I missed those kids. Going back tomorrow to needle felt the same crew. Should be a hoot. we did some last year with the same students, now they’re a year older and a year more capable. here’s hoping for fewer poked fingers and lots of little sculptures.

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I was in the studio working on samples for Arts Smarts the other day. And I ended up making something that I absolutely love.  It’s a project I started last year with a grade 4 class and have been thinking about it all year.  It’s an aerial view of a river, abstracted a bit, stencilled in mirror image and then embroidered.  I think I’ll do more of these and see what I get.

I started with this kind of stitching – and really didn’t like it.

So I moved to a running, staccato type stitch. I think this feels better.

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more copper feathers

found myself over at the studio again tonight. I was rolling feathers through a mill onto copper. Model Citizens will soon have these at their shop.

First they start as discs I cut.

Then I roll them through the mill, and they look like this:

next is a patina, light sanding, waxing and attach ear wire!

These will be at Model Citizens soon (hopefully before the end of the month).

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I have been spending the past week getting ready to teach Arts Smarts to 15 different groups of students between now and June.

8 of these groups (well 6 when you consider Jason is going to teach 2 of these groups) are at Matthew Elementary in Bonavista.  I am starting to get very excited to work with the kids again. I miss them.  The teachers (organized, rigid schedules, punctual) and I (think of an ink covered, distractable, squirrel) are starting to understand each other much better.  This is  giant win.

I took some time over the weekend to do a few examples of the project we’ll be doing with the grade 2 class.

I definately had A LOT of fun making these few ( there are many more )  I”m pretty excited to work with the grade 2 (7 years old) with this.

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