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The Ivory Gull. ( Pagophila eburnea)

stunning aren’t they??

This one could be tricky. I’ll have to get white threads to stitch this one together. all of my silk is off white….. unbleached, ready to dye.    I may actually have to go buy some silk embroidery threads.  huh. didn’t think that would happen for quite some time.

In Canada, according to COSEWIC, the Ivory gull is listed as endangered in Canada. Since the 1980’s the Canadian Ivory Gull population has shown a 70%-80% decline.

they’re about 16″ in length and have a Four Foot wingspan.

I saw my Ivory Gull when I was on a Coast Guard Boat between Labrador and Greenland. It was a young bird and still had some black on it’s wings and a bit on it’s face.  Still pretty though.


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Remember I was going to make a bunch of birds to life size. birds either endangered or extinct in Canada.

well, I don’t have time to start physically making the birds until after the school year and my Arts Smarts projects are completed.

I thought I would fill a few posts with the birds I’m going to make.

Starting with


Cerulean Warbler Dendroica Cerulea

COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada) slates the Cerulean Warbler as endangered in Ontario and Quebec – where it can only be found in the country.

There are roughly 500 breeding pairs of Cerulean Warblers  (CEWA) in Canada. that’s 1000 birds and this information comes from a few years ago. with their population showing only a decline.

CEWA’s are a wee little bird, only 4 inches from stem to stern. a delightful color blue.

I’ve never seen a CEWA. I think Indigo will make the best cerulean warbler color ever.

Do you have a favorite bird? Leave a comment with your favorite bird and why.

it’ll be a fun little survey.

It’s so hard for me to choose. but I always fall back to the Raven (Corvus Corax). so smart and large and pretty.

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March 19

is my Poppy’s Birthday. RB was born in 1922.  2012-1922 = 90.  that’s right. good ol’ RB turned 90 years old on Monday past.

A good chunk of his family gathered at my Mother’s house on Monday evening to celebrate.  Even his Great grandchildren (aged 18ish) were there. Isn’t that the coolest.  to be 18 and be able to go to your great grandfather’s 90th birthday.  It was fun.  I thought he was going to cry when we broke out in a off tempo, off key chorus of Happy Birthday.  He was pleased.

I also saw photos of my poppy I never thought would exist. ever.  it was excellent.

The next time I go to town I’m going to collect Poppy and bring him with me to get our photos taken.  He said he’s got just the suit. A pale blue suit.  Only dry cleaned twice he said.  When he graduated in 1990 from MUN he bought that lovely suit for the graduation and a second different suit for the celebrations the day after. The second suit is no longer around, and I can’t wait to see this beautiful man in his beautiful pale blue suit.


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…are what I associate with the memory of my Nanny. Marion Browne (nee dwyer).  Nanny passed away last Sunday, March 11. She was in the very late stages of Alzheimer’s and was 89 years old.  It’s relieving.  ….. I miss her.

A while ago I had the opportunity to play with some clay and made a cup.  It sat, undecorated for some time.  When Nanny took quite ill a month ago I decided that I would make the cup as a memorial to my Grandmother.  I was going to carve African Violets on it.  She had lots and lots of these little guys in her house  – along with a giant assortment of other indoor and outdoor plants. Food bearing and otherwise.

I loved my Nanny.

She looked like  a memory in her coffin.

It was an honor to be a pall-bearer at her funeral.

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Remember those copper earrings with the feathers roll pressed into them? yeah? Well, I dropped several pairs off to Model citizens a while ago.  I have orders to put these in a few more shops across the Atlantic Provinces as well for the summer season.  But I still did not have packaging for the lovelies.

And packaging can be as important if not more important the the product itself, you see.  Just because you have a beautiful product with an excellent ‘can’t-pass-it-up’ price doesn’t mean it’s gonna sell. If the packaging is off, or the display, they won’t move.  trust me.  After designing, and redesigning the packaging for my woven jewellery I started to double my sales.


After several hours of futzing with words (which I may still edit), fonts, frame shapes, border VS no border, bold or italics, etc….

here are some sample images for my packaging for the copper feather earrings (which I wanted to go with my product when I put it to the standards jury at the Craft Council as well as the IBRD (Innovation, Business and Rural Development) people with the government.

This is what my desk looked like yesterday after I had finished.

Sample one was printed on grey card stock (I really like the color) and had the front tag taped to the front….

and the back tag taped to the back.  Even though the color was great, I didn’t like the corners lifting, or the time it took.

So I tried to tape the tag so it was more of a flap, which let you read both sides of the tag with only 1 piece of tape.

But this design didn’t seem overly shop wear safe.  I thought it would be too easy to damage the tag. and a damaged tag like this will keep people from purchasing. (like the dented can at the grocery store, nobody wants to buy it even though the contents are fine)

So I found some 8.5″x11″ sticker sheets laying around and printed on these. And this is what I think I’ll use for now.

I like how the corners stay down. It looks more professional – like it’s supposed to be on the envelope. the other ones that were taped on look , well, taped on. I do wish the paper was grey, but the white is still pretty good.

I like the font – it was the first one I chose and then tried half a dozen others which all got nixed.  I am open to suggestions though. None of this is written in stone. (except maybe the envelopes, I really really like the envelopes). Actually I was hoping in the future to get a stamp made, to stamp the text directly onto the envelopes. which would make them seem more – data collection-y and old school science (like one of those blue font old school photostat machines – remember those???), not to mention less time consuming!

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