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After the passenger pigeons worked out so well, I decided to dive in and start designing my birds for the Boxed In show in Jan 2013.

First off I wanted to do one of the birds with lots of color – I decided to start with the Prothonotary Warbler.

here are some sample shots of my workings.

The colors still aren’t perfect, but the shape and color blocking is pretty solid.  now all I have to do is dye the silk and stitch ‘er up!!!


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I wanted to show you some photos of the working process for the passenger pigeons I made my mobile out of.  This is what the desk looks like when I’m using it….. everything is always everywhere. no matter what I’m doing. If I don’t see it, or it’s not at hand I generally don’t use it, or assume I don’t have ‘it’.  keeping everything in sight and at reach seems to be how I work best.

These are a few of the stencils/ sample prints for the pigeons wings. The blue/black print is for the top of the wing and the black/mostly white print is for the underside of the wing.

This is what the pigeons looked like almost finished. This little guy only needs a tail, a face and some stitching on his belly.

I had an awful lot of fun with this project, and am very pleased with the end product.  I will be making more things like this. (also – picture of actual mobile to come, as soon as I take one. )

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galleries put little red dots on the labels for art pieces that have sold. This lets people know that it has sold while still allowing the art to stay in the gallery.

My mobile for the CCNL’s Annual Member Exhibit was purchased on the opening Friday night.  This makes me very happy. About 3/4 of the way through the show my will power broke and snuck a peak to see if my label had a little red dot on it. and it did!  I am particularly pleased with this piece and I plan to make more of the same.  I was told it was purchased by a collector and that it will have a home in a house with many other lovely bits of craft and art.  This makes me even more pleased. It’s hard to let go of the bits I make that really resonate with me – however I am happy to know it has a good home.

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The CCNL’s AME, is a juried show.

this year they had 3 guest jurors and one committee member decide which pieces were going to get to go in the exhibit.  I had sent mine in just under the line for timing. and then they chose to put it in the show!  I’m very excited and happy and grateful.  I have put alot of hours and thought into my mobile. The process of making it has pointed me in a direction for my work that I like, I really like. It involves, printing, stitching and 3-d fabric birds. what’s not to like!?!

the gala is next weekend. there is an rsvp sign up list to get in for this gallery opening as it is the CCNL’s 40th anniversary.  again. I’m flattered and grateful and very happy.  Can’t wait to see what’s gonna be in the show along with it.



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Yesterday I found an email in my inbox.  It went like this
“Ms. Ford,
This is awesome! Thanks so much for your interest in the project. I wanted to touch base as soon as I saw this because I will be out of town next week doing bird surveys in MN. I propse to study this more thoroughly and get back to you late next week. Two quick items that might be of interest. First, even though the passenger pigeon story is as much about Canada as the US, we have had little particpation from north of the border despite a fair amount of effort. Any assistance in that regard would be greatly appreciated. And second, Susan Wegner, an art historian at Bowdoin College, has just volunteered to be our art coordinator. Having a scholar of her experience and stature on our team, I think will be very beneficial in furthering efforts like yours.
I look forward to working with you on this.”
*Giant grins of pride and slight disbelief*
I sent in my proposal for a gallery exhibit based on the 100 year anniversary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon to this group –  http://passengerpigeon.org/  –  and the above was the reply I received. !!
I have also sent in the gallery proposal to the Craft Council of NL and am thinking about seeing what The Rooms has to say about it.  It would be awesome to be able to tour the installation for the year 2014.  that may be a loft goal, but  you know what they say ‘ shoot for the moon if you miss, you’ll land up in the stars somewhere’  or something like that….
Shel Silverstein has a poem about cleaning off the stars because they’re dusty, and won’t someone please take a cloth and go clean off those stars…….. when I find the book, I’ll post the poem.

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I love little embroidered wings it turns out.

I’m so very pleased with how they look and am super excited to put them together.  Pretty soon I’ll have made a mini flock of passenger pigeons.  This flock mobile is for the CCNL’s Annual Member’s Exhibit.

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A few snapshots of the final pieces from the Grade 4 class in Musgravetown (Anthony Padden Elementary).  These are all based on aerial views of rivers.  Using the river unit and joining, turning, twisting, shifting it around till they found a ‘thing’ they were happy with.

^^^^^^^^^^^THIS ONE –  THIS ONE BLOWS MY MIND^^^^^^^^^^ This girl worked so hard, and quiet and studiously to get this to work.  She clearly took in the info about composition, centr-itis and the ‘how to’ to get the positive and negative of her river.  It’s beautiful.

This one ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ also makes my brain work.  good use of line I think, also a fan of the lines in the lines.

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