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The final bird for the Boxed In project!!

It’s a Roseate Tern. I put in a picture from the Sibley Guide To North American Birds so you could see the range of this little guy in N. America.


here are a few of my stencils I made for color blocking it’s field marks. And a few of the prints from these. No matter how often I do this, it always feels like magic when I pull the stencil up.



Aaaaaand the tops of the wings embroidered.


Aaaand my color studies to ease my anxiety about color matching to pictures of the real deal.


Ta Da!!!
The reason for my absence out hear.
Take Care, and always keep your stick on the ice.


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The top half of the barn swallow tail!!


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Art is Hard. Don’t let people fool you into thinking that it’s Quick and Easy.

It is not.

It is hours and hours ( and hours and hours ) of thinking about yourself, thinking about your passions.

It is trying to mix a specific, fundamental color and failing and failing and failing, over and over again. Admitting defeat and resigning yourself to order a premixed green from some company.

It’s aching over that new form for your new exhibit of functional pottery. Nailing it. Glazing everything confidently, and have the Entire Kiln’s Worth of agonizing emotional and physical energy, late nights with early mornings — the whole damn thing — to be useless because some schmuck labelled one glaze powder 2314 instead of 2431.

Brown is hard to mix, It is also hard to get with natural dyes. Last night I spent 1.5 hours trying to match Barn Swallow rusty brown. So I printed it. It was all together to bright and too yellow. so I tried again. and got it!! so super proud and happy.


Art is hard. I am working on this one specific piece for a gallery show. Every time I sit down to work on it, I think about the reason I am making it. I am a bird lover and a bird biologist. Birds are so very important to the world – all parts of the world. And in my bird sciencey work, I am constantly trying to help keep our birds here, on earth.

From 1970 – 2010 bird populations have dropped by:
Grassland birds- 40%
Shorebirds- 40%
Aerial insectivores- 60%

BUT it’s not all bad news, because these bird populations have increased:
Colonial seabirds – 50%
Waterfowl – 50%
Raptors – 70%

The Waterfowl increased population reflect the management successes of hunting and wetlands.

The raptor increases in population reflect the success of direct intervention.

This shows that we can undo some of the environmental damages we have created ( myself included ). These helpful strategies are not simply so the birds can live and thrive, it is also so the vegetation they need sticks aroubd or is replanted. It means the water ways need to stay clean or be cleaned up. It means responsible pest control to respect the necessity of insects and rodents etc… as they all play very important role ( one of the most important as the foundation of our food chains).


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Today I had the great pleasure to help a friend out.
She needed a linocut of an anatomically correct humpback whale. At max size of 3″ sq. A challenge but a fun one. process photos below, final printing shots later on.




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