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quick pic update on the fish progress –

the final pattern with marking guidelines for the drawings


and here is the final drawing


and the stencil in mid-progress!!



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Pattern Drafted!!!!!!!

I did it! I did it!
I altered the pattern four different times before I nailed it.
What’s that, about 9 or 10 hours?

Now on to my favorite bit— drawing and then cutting out the stencil.
I’m very happy to have finished the pattern tonight. I was looking forward to waking up and being able to start drawing.

Here’s the final pattern piece.
It’s hard to tell scale in this shot, but the paper width is almost 4 feet.


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Pattern Drafting is hard — I could never figure out why.
Today I realised why- pattern drafting , for me, is repetitive drawing.

When the two sides are stitched up, and stuffed – you lose height for width, which means eyeballing and guesstimates for which seams need more space, less space, different angles, longer, shorter. Which of course alters placement of things like fins and tails on the pattern.

It’s a very organic process, and mentally tiring.
Here is where the pattern stands for now. I had to cut it out because I could no longer see which lines to work with, and the paper was getting holes.


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so far so good.
next step….. see what she looks like when the pattern is cut, stitched, and stuffed.





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more sketches


drawing is hard. drawing requires a specific head space. Drawing takes concentration and focus.
I desperately want to draw a codfish – I’ve tried and tried. Today I’m gonna do some chillin’ and then come back to the sketchbook to try again.


then on to this – had to turn the picture upside down to trick my eye


so, the head is pretty good, I like the fins. Now all I need is to get the body length, width and shape in proportion to these two things.

need bigger paper…

Out – r

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so I start with this:


then move onto this – a blind contour drawing of the thing I want to draw for a print or stencil.
I Love this type of sketch. it gives me a good feel for the shape, size and teeny tiny details that make the thing look like the real thing.
put your pencil on the paper, look at the thing, and only the thing. draw the thing without lifting your pencil or looking at your paper.
You get something like this:


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I am so very happy about these little guys.


Little Capelin for your Christmas tree. Of course, capelin are little, so that makes these guys the right size for capelin.
Just sent off a batch to the Craft Council shop as well as Model Citizens ( though I suspect, they’ll be put with the Humble Abode )


Seriously though, They’re my favorite thing I’ve made – right up there with the new copper feathers.
Wondering what else I can make in the same vein….. acorns, birds, insects, starfish, codfish, butterflies,old fashioned fancy Christmas tree bulbs, tree lights, split salt fish, flounders, dorys ……. I love brain storming. oooh maybe feathers too…..
Off to prep for the Tea and Sale at the Anna.
Peace and Balance,

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