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screen set up

the shooting of the screen



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letting go

Today is the day.
Today I could avoid no longer.
Today I had to go to my studio and choose which of my seabird screens I was going to clean off.
Because Today is the last possible day before I have to start printing and sewing the salmon contract for DFO.
And so I did.
Those birds were a lot of work and energy both physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Dealing with them again brings ALL those thoughts and memories and emotions back. And when I say ALL, I mean an unbelievably, all encompassing amount of feelings and memories. I have discovered that the amount of thought and memories that run through my brain every second are dramatically far reaching.

a few before and after





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Well, I def. learned something last week. I Iearned that it is Way Way easier to ‘wing it’ with elementary and primary students than with junior high students.
yeah sure, they’re better with scissors, and fine motor skills ( when they’re not, unfortunately, pretending to be unable from some sort of insecurity. Age 13. I do not envy them one single bit ).

Last class was hard on everybody, and I take most of the responsibility. As leader of the project, I was unprepared.
I have spent the last week preparing and communicating with their teacher and admin. I have two worksheets, as concisely explained as I can make them, while still giving a few choices to make. This, I’ve read, gives them some sort of control over their work, which is what this age of person is searching for ( developmentally).

I have two worksheets, and a more solid plan – that both teacher and admin have heard, and are pleased with, and have forgiven me for last day.
thank gods.

The students are still looking forward to the project – which is both refreshing and motivational to do a better job so they can enjoy, more, the rest of this really really cool, technical challenging, and artistically engaging project.




I also made a video of the mold making process, but I have to figure out how I upload it. Hopefully soon.
take care I yourselves.

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And sometimes you find a challenging group of students. Not bad students, just challenging. I reckon if I lose a group of students, as it does happen, then I need to create a more engaging lesson plan. Something multimedia, with concise, effective, instructions. Written instructions, verbal instructions, visual instructions, video, examples of in progress and completed projects.

A means of explaining what the end result will look like, and the process needed to get there. And have the students excited and interested – no matter how cool the project might be (or how cool they might think it is) – consistency and clarity on my part is crucial

sooooo, I have had the opportunity to create 2 worksheets to help the students understand and work through the design process.

I think they’re good, their teacher likes them, now to see how the students do with the



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so far, there’s the salmon parr
then the salmon smolt
next, the adult image.

then clean screens, shoot screens, print and stitch, and a final coat or acrylic wash for colour blocking.


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So absolutely amazing!

Collaborating with the grade 3 teachers at Matthew Elementary has been absolutely perfect this year. After 5 years from my first year working with the staff and students at this school, We are Finally finding a way to fully understand the inclusion of arts to help teach curriculum.

Last class, we ( the students, one of the (Outstanding) teachers as well as myself sewed their dolls to completion. While (Outstanding) teacher number two kept unsewn and finished sewn students on task.

This Super Fantastic Task was, to create characters for their dolls ( which we did do last year) and then took it up a notch by having them create; a play, advertisement, poem, or etc…., about their new found split pea doll characters. AND then used one tablet per group to practice record – AND then used the teachers tablet to officially record said piece of media.

The principle of the school took his very own video of the project in process, for use in a future presentation about technology in the class – from sewing machines to personal tablets, or cell-phones.

The plan is to show the videos during the Grand Exhibit at the end of the school year!
AND one of the older grades is going to write an article for the local newspaper about the arts smarts programming in their school!!!!!

I’m so happy. So very very happy. And proud. We are all learning to work as a team – AND learning how to tell and include the community in ALL of OUR hard work and enthusiasm towards our Arts Smarts work.

All of which would not be possible without the fantastic work of the fine people at the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council.Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council

Hats off to all involved – including all the indirect, extra help from friends and family. Especially my husband and never ending think tank – who, for the first four years shared responsibilities, and often spearheaded this hard, time consuming, emotionally taxing, work.

I guess this post could have been more aptly titled – ” Amazing People of Newfoundland and Labrador Achieve Community Growth, but More Importantly, Inspiring and Motivating Students to Learn How to Trust Themselves and to Be Proud of Who They Are and to Problem Solve For Themselves!!!”

till next time..
“Keep your stick on the ice.” (.a wise man once said.)


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the’re halfway through finishing their ‘split pea dolls’. A spin off from the Innu tea dolls. we’re using split peas as they are cost efficient and still culturally significant.

For each side, they chose an emotion, profession, and a sex. Then drew sketches and then painted them on fabric!

It’s soooo cool. Next day, I bring in sewing machines and they help stitch ’em up!
super fun.




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