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Step 1. Choose one of the most interesting(ie: intricately patterned) looking northern birds.

Step 2. draw all the bits you need to make a 3-d bird. complete with colour block separations.

Step 3. attempt to clean off printing screens in order to draw images onto them directly. Fail miserably several times in a row, and use 5 valuable hours.

Step 4. throw caution to the wind. and go analogue. pencil, tape, blade.

Step 5. cautiously and carefully print first of five stencils on All 10 pieces of very special paper.





step 6. wait for first prints to dry before attempting registration of second stencil….


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The last few months have been particularly all consuming. I seem to be coming out the other end intact. Which is a good thing.

Just completed successfully, and survived the 5!day! CCNL Christmas Craft Fair.
I managed a spot last Saturday at the Some Good Christmas Market in the city.
it was excellent, and my hat goes off to Miss Laurie LeGrow and her small team of hardworking helpers. A very well run fair for sure!

So good in fact, I’m heading out to Makinsons , this coming Saturday to do another Some Good Market for the crowd out that way.


making a few dozen fun earrings with my bitty bits of industrial felt left over from my garland made for the CCNL comfort and joy show.


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