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This little rig is great for close up shots. I suspect if I had a real camera I could do lots more… using my camera on my phone right now…


still, getting results like this is pretty excellent.





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Gifts in the mail

Ok, not really gifts.
but it feels like gifts.(:
Supplies ordered to make more jewellery. Showed up while I was away renovating a house.
It may not look very exciting….. but I promise, the thought of making more things makes me very happy. And that’s what this pile of stuff does. Makes it possible to make more stuff..(:


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This is true. I am alive. And well. And back on the Internet wagon.
A quick note to shamelessly let you know that I just opened up a storefront on Etsy…. it’s brand new, and not very shiny yet. BUT!! it’s there.
RfordCraftyScientist… as simply – CraftyScientist was unavailable.

I’m on a mission to make stuff and take photographs. The goal is to have a section for jewellery ( or jewelry – as it’s called on the site), screen printed cards, paper dolls, printed creatures – you remember my puffins (available at Jonny Ruth/Living Planet), and my capelins. plus some toys and games I’ve had on the back burner for a few years.

Also! I am seriously considering setting up a little shop near Bonavista for the Christmas season… Can work around the craft fair dates….. Will likely use the main floor of my old studio building in Middle Amherst Cove.

I was gonna wait until next summer. but if I put my work hat on, I think I can have enough interesting, and varied product to make it worth while.

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