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My life feels like that right now. One important thing complete- transitions directly into another important thing to do.

Thank you all for coming out and supporting your local community. I had fun at this years craft fairs. I will do them again next year…

Take care of yourselves.
drive safe, and all that jazz.
I’ll post more on this next project when I have the time/energy/enough done to warrant a photograph.


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The rest of yesterday

I said I’d finish this yesterday….. sorry,  I was tired. And stressed.

I fear after spending today working a craft fair (An awesome day, thanks Laurie Legrow and the help of her Legrow clan!! You’re all stars) I’m sleepy. On the couch with my furball.

Back to yesterday!

After my tea, I conitnued to work on those copper discs I was talking about.

I cleaned them.

I patina’d them.

I neutralized the patina.

I sanded them.

I waxed them.

I attached appropriate findings.

Thank gods for Netflix.  All of the above took place during many many episodes of ‘Fringe”  Season 3. If you haven’t watched it – I highly recommend it. Science Fiction.  Each word of equal importance, Acceptance is key.  And keeping me on my toes and fully interested.


At 9:30 I finally finished.

I continued to get in my car and go for a drive. It’s one of the things I do when I need space or to destress – I drive in my car with my music at an unsafe volume. Singing along at equally an unsafe volume. At 10:30 I found myself at the gym running out some serious anxiety….Home by 11:30 and in bed… alarms set for 7:00, 7:15. and 7:30 this morning so I could be ready to go for 10:00 AM start of Some Good Market today.


(there were many many cups of tea to fuel me between 3:30 and 9:30, and I think I ate some food at some point, sandwiches if I remember correctly).

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8:00 am: Wake up to cat scratching at bed.
Me: Good morning Cat, what do you want?
Cat: *sits and stares*
Me: *roll over and pretend this didn’t happen*
– this repeats itself multiple times-
Me: You must be hungry. * hauls arse out of bed and upstairs….*. No, Cat, you are not hungry, there is food in your dish.
Cat: *sits and stares – then trundles off to sit in her cardboard box*
Me: Polite Curse Words towards Cat. *makes tea*

studio. cutting out lots of copper circles. then cutting out littler copper circles from original copper circles.

Decide I need a new brass hammer.

Drive to Princess Auto, make note to self to keep Stavenger trips to an ultimate low until after January. Arrive safe, discover brass hammers were on sale and will have to wait until after Christmas to get one. Which is fine as it coincides with my new decision to stay away from this area of town until

1:30ish – take baking break. Make Gingerbread people!!


will ice and decorate these later. (:

back to studio. choose feathers, and roll print above copper circles with said feathers.


(this is what the feathers look like after put through the rolling mill. dust. If you look close you can see the little circle on top used to attach the findings.)


3:30 – write blog post, realize my day has 7 hours left and I’ll need to write another post later tonight.

*makes more tea*. ( and don’t let this trick you into thinking it’s only my second cup for the day.)

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Received my package of new ideas a few days ago.
Originally I was thinking neck pieces and bracelets… but now I see the bits and how they work… could be some neat new earrings as well.

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