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thy still need feet

I abandoned screen printing and went straight to acrylic paint… easier to mix and more control over application.

When they dry I get to stitch them up and see them to the now footless bodies.




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The very first thoughts from my mind on waking today.

It is true. My ducks need feet. That will be my today, drawing feet, cutting out stencils of feet, printing feet, sewing feet, stuffing and attaching said feet.

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Have you met Gloria Hickey?

She’s great.

Which is why it means so much to me that she would choose to write about me and my work.  We’ve been increasingly close as it gets time to oil my ducks.  I’m stalling. I’m sort of searching for someone to shoot a video of the destruction…is this you?

BUT the real reason I write this is to link you to Gloria’s Internet Writings. 

have a good one!


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That’s what’s been taking up my life for the past 2 months.
There are two of them.
The photos are horrible. I apologise.
I will endeavour to take better shots soon.

Today I go purchase the liquid rubber to drip all over these millions of stitches….. my anxiety is at a minimum – for now.

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Big thanks to the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council for helping me out with this latest project. I’ve been pulling 10 hr days for the last 8 weeks.

It’s been a solid roller coaster of being proud and confident and tired and defeated. The above are photos of the pieces I’ve printed and embroidered.

I’ll post photos of the finished product shortly.

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