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whale tails complete and delivered.


going in today to make a few minor alterations. I wasn’t able to see how they looked when velcroed together until I delivered them. I hadn’t had a space the right size and shape.


‘The Messenger’ was fully funded! Which makes me so very very happy.  

Today I am working to fill summer store orders – metalworkings   for me for the next few days.



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I cut out some teeny silver circles today…. gonna try to solder on some stud backs this week…. might work. might not. keep you posted.


also – completed these assemblages. All they need is a chain now.


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they’re endless, I say.

playing around with partial prints and assemblages for neck pieces.


maybe I should work on better photography…. maybe.

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finally managed some readable prints after many failed attempts…



the two above failures in copper are only a small percentage of my actual attempts.

All hail conversations with colleagues, trial and error, and YouTube.

Still not completely sold on the look… but I suspect it’ll grow on me.

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