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Soon to be at the Craft Council and sooner to be available at my itty bitty etsy shop.



AND!! Each card comes with neato facts about the birds printed on the back, like this:



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This is true. I am alive. And well. And back on the Internet wagon.
A quick note to shamelessly let you know that I just opened up a storefront on Etsy…. it’s brand new, and not very shiny yet. BUT!! it’s there.
RfordCraftyScientist… as simply – CraftyScientist was unavailable.

I’m on a mission to make stuff and take photographs. The goal is to have a section for jewellery ( or jewelry – as it’s called on the site), screen printed cards, paper dolls, printed creatures – you remember my puffins (available at Jonny Ruth/Living Planet), and my capelins. plus some toys and games I’ve had on the back burner for a few years.

Also! I am seriously considering setting up a little shop near Bonavista for the Christmas season… Can work around the craft fair dates….. Will likely use the main floor of my old studio building in Middle Amherst Cove.

I was gonna wait until next summer. but if I put my work hat on, I think I can have enough interesting, and varied product to make it worth while.

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Sometimes when you work at a fabric store you find really neat tags attached to bolts of fabric.
This one was clearly attached to the fabric before it was dyed because the tag was essentially the same colour as the fabric
Now if only I could read it.

(neato fact: sewing machine on the floor belongs to me mudder. The very same that I learnt how to sew with. thanks mom for lending me your indestructible. I promise to be careful
with it.)

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