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whale tails complete and delivered.


going in today to make a few minor alterations. I wasn’t able to see how they looked when velcroed together until I delivered them. I hadn’t had a space the right size and shape.


‘The Messenger’ was fully funded! Which makes me so very very happy.  

Today I am working to fill summer store orders – metalworkings   for me for the next few days.




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so. I’ve been busy… making life sized blue whale tails. I wish I had had the sense to show you the journey as it happened.  I did not. I guess you could say I was focused.(nay stressed).

I made the pattern tiny and used math to make it real sized.



then I assembled the pattern and cut out pieces and assembled those.

  more sewing insued.  then I painted.



then I added propellor strikes


roughly two months work.  I admit there were times when I wished they would make themselves. There were times when I hated them, was embarrassed of my work. I was tired and needed distance and sleep.

This morning I like them. There are things I will do differently next time. If there is a next time.  

I thank the staff at DFO for this opportunity and challenge.  I hope they are pleased. ( Truly I hope they are over the moon, but I’ll take pleased.)

Thank you to Matthew Elementary, the Anna Templeton Centre and My Parents for letting me use their spaces.

And to Erin at Fiber Lily.  For ordering giant amount of canvas in the perfect colour in such timely fashion.  

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That’s what’s been taking up my life for the past 2 months.
There are two of them.
The photos are horrible. I apologise.
I will endeavour to take better shots soon.

Today I go purchase the liquid rubber to drip all over these millions of stitches….. my anxiety is at a minimum – for now.

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Big thanks to the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council for helping me out with this latest project. I’ve been pulling 10 hr days for the last 8 weeks.

It’s been a solid roller coaster of being proud and confident and tired and defeated. The above are photos of the pieces I’ve printed and embroidered.

I’ll post photos of the finished product shortly.

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I cut out some teeny silver circles today…. gonna try to solder on some stud backs this week…. might work. might not. keep you posted.


also – completed these assemblages. All they need is a chain now.


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they’re endless, I say.

playing around with partial prints and assemblages for neck pieces.


maybe I should work on better photography…. maybe.

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For the next 6 weekends I’ll be working 5 Christmas Craft Fairs. ‘Tis the season, and all that.
Here’s where you can find me:


I’ll have my screen printed cards and paper-dolls,





and my jewellery for sale.




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