The trouble with production craft is it can be horribly monotonous. I found a new series and new mediums to play with – world premier to be found at the ccnl gallery this Wednesday at their ‘Lend Us Your Ears’ fundraiser.  
 I’ll have more fun shrinky dink drawings later this season. I’m starting with feathers, because…. well… feathers.  Looking to get better at controlling my lines and my colours in the slippery plastic.


whale tails complete and delivered.


going in today to make a few minor alterations. I wasn’t able to see how they looked when velcroed together until I delivered them. I hadn’t had a space the right size and shape.


‘The Messenger’ was fully funded! Which makes me so very very happy.  

Today I am working to fill summer store orders – metalworkings   for me for the next few days.



whale tales

so. I’ve been busy… making life sized blue whale tails. I wish I had had the sense to show you the journey as it happened.  I did not. I guess you could say I was focused.(nay stressed).

I made the pattern tiny and used math to make it real sized.



then I assembled the pattern and cut out pieces and assembled those.

  more sewing insued.  then I painted.



then I added propellor strikes


roughly two months work.  I admit there were times when I wished they would make themselves. There were times when I hated them, was embarrassed of my work. I was tired and needed distance and sleep.

This morning I like them. There are things I will do differently next time. If there is a next time.  

I thank the staff at DFO for this opportunity and challenge.  I hope they are pleased. ( Truly I hope they are over the moon, but I’ll take pleased.)

Thank you to Matthew Elementary, the Anna Templeton Centre and My Parents for letting me use their spaces.

And to Erin at Fiber Lily.  For ordering giant amount of canvas in the perfect colour in such timely fashion.  

near and dear

My art and craft is almost exclusively about birds and their importance and their upsettingly drastic decline in numbers. 

I don’t do this very often. In fact I may never have done this before.. I’m not one for pandering or asking for help…. I feel like there is enough of that in our lives already.

 So that will tell you how important this is to me…. and to all of us.  

And yes. I do mean all of us.


It’s a film about the dramatic and tragic decline of birds worldwide.  And why we need them, and what will happen if we don’t have them.

They only need 50K. that’s it.

I could rant here about how it only took a few (brilliant) actors a few days to raise millions of dollars for entertainment purposes…. A project I look forward to and will enjoy , no doubt.

BUT this Messenger project has been up for weeks and hasn’t crossed the 20K yet.  I gave what I could and decided I could go without fancy coffee for a few months.

If you have 10$, it’ll help. and maybe we can all help.

Thanks to Jody Allair for making me aware of this very worth while project.

Educate yourselves. Knowledge is power.

things I do sometimes

Test floatation of dead seabirds with gps tracker attached.


The actual floaty thing looks like this:


I’m helping with a study for dispersion of birds during oil spills….

(The ducks have feet – though I have yet to drip plasti- dip over them…it’ll have to be soon).

thy still need feet

I abandoned screen printing and went straight to acrylic paint… easier to mix and more control over application.

When they dry I get to stitch them up and see them to the now footless bodies.



Feet! They need Feet!

The very first thoughts from my mind on waking today.

It is true. My ducks need feet. That will be my today, drawing feet, cutting out stencils of feet, printing feet, sewing feet, stuffing and attaching said feet.